Fifi is also renowned as a best-selling book author and international creative director and photo stylist who works collaboratively with American photographer, Mark Lohman. 

Prairie Style Weddings

Fifi O'Neill December 2014


“Prairie-Style Weddings are the perfect blending of romance and pragmatism, of simplicity and embellishments. Handmade, sustainable, and accessible elements set a casual, welcoming, and celebratory tone that transform fantastic dreams into reality. Prairie-Style festivities embrace all sorts of humble materials in ways that elevate them from ordinary to fabulous."

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Prairie Style Weddings 

Book Signing 

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Feb 14, 2015

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Romantic Prairie Style

Fifi O'Neill, April 2011


"This is much more than a decorating book—it is a way of life. One that reconnects us with what truly matters: family, home, and the earth. Honest materials, artisanal goods, and time-honored objects are once again valued and create homes, not just shelters. The spirit of prairie style drifts eternal in the romance of nurturing interiors and the abundant beauty of nature."

The Romantic Prairie Cookbook

Fifi O'Neill, April 2012


“The Romantic Prairie Cookbook champions environmental harmony and celebrates the the stewardship of the land with homegrown goodness taken directly from field to table. Food fads come and go. The only “trend” the home cooks featured in this book follow are those rooted in family traditions and the respect for the land and its inhabitants, may they be humans or animals.Through their thoughtful recipe choices, they create seasonal dishes that romance regional ingredients, satisfy our needs for flavor, and comfort body and soul."