Green Moss L-O-V-E Letters

Spell it out for all to see and share your heartfelt sentiments with your family and friends.



4 letters



8 twigs in assorted lengths and 1⁄2-in in diameter

Low-temperature glue sticks

3 strands of dry grapevine, each 20 in long

12-in piece of twine

42-in of 24-gauge green floral wire 8-oz package of green moss

140 small white silk flowers, 1⁄2-in in diameter (optional)

Six 1-in nails



Garden shears

Low-temperature glue gun

Small clamp






1. For the letter L, using garden shears, cut two twig pieces, one about 15-in long and the second about 7-in long. With the glue gun, affix one end of the short piece to one end of the long piece.


2. For the letter V, cut two 6 1⁄2-in twig pieces, and glue together.


3. For the letter E, cut one 9 1⁄2-in/twig piece, two 5-in pieces, and one 4-in piece.. Glue a 5-in  piece to each end of the 9 1⁄2- piece. Glue the 4-in piece to the middle of the long piece to complete the letter E.


4. For the letter O, twist the three grapevine strands and form into a 10-in circle, overlapping the ends. Use the small clamp to hold the circle together. Place a drop of glue on one end of the twine and press firmly at the beginning of the overlapping vines. Remove the clamp. Tightly wrap the entire area of the overlapping vines with the twine. Secure the twine with glue, and cut off any excess with the scissors.


5. Using the wire cutter, cut the floral wire into six 7-in pieces. Tightly wrap one end of a wire piece several times around the top of the letter L. Fold the wire, and twist the free end around the wire at the top of the letter to form a small hanging loop. Repeat for the letter O. Make two loops for the letter V (one at each top point) and two loops for the letter E (one at each side of the top horizontal branch).


6. Apply glue to a small area of a letter and press a piece of moss into the glue. Continue to add moss until the letter is fully covered. Repeat to cover all the letters.


7. Create a line of flowers centered on the moss on each letter by applying a drop of glue to each flower and pressing it onto the moss. Glue one or two flowers to each wire-hanging loop to disguise it.


8. Hammer the nails into the wall, spacing them apart to your liking (make sure the two nails required to hang the V and E are spaced properly). Hang the letters on the nails from the wire loops.