Prairie Wall Vase


1 vase



Old brown leather belt, 2-in wide

White craft glue

51⁄2-by-14-in piece of reclaimed wood 1-in thick

1-pt canning jar

Two 1 1⁄2-in box nails

Two 1⁄2-in finish nails

28-gauge galvanized picture-hanging wire

2-in nail

Flowers of choice



Sharp craft knife

1⁄2-in binder clip



taut to the second nail, twist several times around the nail and


Wire cutter



1. With the craft knife, cut off the belt buckle, then cut the belt to fit around the widest part of the jar. The ends of the belt should not overlap. Apply white craft glue to both cut edges and join them, using the binder clip to hold the ends in place. Let the glue dry overnight.


2. Lay the wood on a work surface. Holding the jar on its side and using the ruler, place the jar on the wood so it is centered and is in from what will be the bottom. Use the pencil to mark the wood on both sides of the widest part of the jar closest to the top of the jar. This mark is where you will attach the leather strap.


3. Place the ruler on the board so that the top edge lines up with the two pencil marks. Determine the center of the wood, and make a light line marking the center.


4. Position the leather ring on the wood with the glued seam lining up with the pencil line marking the center of the wood. The top edge of the leather should line up with the pencil marks noting the width of the jar. Make sure the leather ring is level, and hammer the 1 1⁄2-in box nails—one on each side of the seam—through the leather and into the wood.


5. Note which end of the wood panel is the top and turn the panel. You will see the ends of the nails sticking out. Hammer the ends so they are flush with the wood.


6. Use the ruler and the pencil to make two marks on the back of the wood near the top center for the nails used to hang the vase. Space the marks 4-in apart. Hammer the 1⁄2-in finish nails into the wood at these marks. Wrap the picture-hanging wire securely around one nail. Pull the wire taut to the second nail, twist several times and secure. Cut off any excess wire with the wire cutter.


7. Insert the jar through the leather loop. It should fit very snugly.


8. Hammer the 2-in nail into the wall, choosing a spot with a wall beam or stud. Fill the jar with water, add the flowers, and hang the vase.